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Hi there! I'm Abby, a UX/UI designer living in St. Louis, passionate about solving problems, questioning why things are the way they are, and creating beautiful user-centric designs. I am on a constant journey of learning a little more about what makes us human and how to better shape that experience.

I was formerly in marketing, then copywriting, and now making my final landing as a UX Designer. Along the way, I developed a love for storytelling as a writer, but design is where I truly think I can tell a great story. 

My background in marketing created a solid foundation rooted in research and stumbling upon UX design helped drive a passion that combined the analytical and creative sides of myself. I am continuously committed to learning and growing to be the best designer, thinker, and communicator I can be.

I mean, talk about iterations, my life is one.

When I'm not designing in Figma, you'll typically find me running around with my mini aussie, listening to blackpink, or planted in my bright pink gaming chair lost in a video game.

what else i've been up to —

playing genshin impact, brushing up on front end languages, and trying my hand at digital illustrations in procreate.

my life in pictures —
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